Please learn and follow this easy rules to be a proud member of the community.

#101. Only English. Please use only English when communicating with others in our chats and groups.

#102. Spam is not tolerated. Any links to external websites/groups/chats if posted not in a conversation or as an answer to someone's request will be deleted and user blocked. If you are a teacher or an administrator of a similar group, please check for teachers page to find out how to get on schedule and promote your link here.

#103. Sharing irrelevant information. In our groups and chats, please share only information about your intent to find a partner or to get in touch with someone who posted earlier. Later you may discuss whatever you want with your partner in private, however groups and chats are only for finding practicing partners. We will not appreciate if you ask broad question or requests, like: "I heed to learn English, help me" or "I am new here, welcome me!"

#104. No bullying and harassment. Users, engaged in bullying or harassment will be permanently blocked.

#105. We do not talk about Politics and Religions. Everyone in this group has and keeps for themselves their own political and religious views. Therefore, users will be blocked if sharing or engaging others in such discussion.

#106. You must mute your microphone when someone else is talking. It is essential, that you mute your microphone in conversations where there are 3 and more people present. This way you will eliminate noises coming from your background and everyone will be able to hear the speaker. Unmute yourself only when you have something to say, and it is your turn to talk.

#107. Turn on your web-camera when talking to other people, you must be clothed and sit in the picture, otherwise you will be blocked. It builds trust, allows people to be more engaged in the conversation, and helps everyone to feel safe.