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Learning English

Source: TED
  1. Why are you studying English?

  2. What made you to begin to study English?

  3. If you knew English a year ago, would your life be different today?

  4. What are the things you like and dislike the most about English language?

  5. What skill is the most important to master: speaking, listening, writing or reading?

  6. What is your goal, and when will you stop learning English?

  7. What is your advice to people, who starting learning English today?

Effective Ways to Study

  1. Do you think you study in the most effective way?

  2. Is there the most effective time during the day to study?

  3. Do you think doing physical exercises helps to study more effectively?

  4. Do you think it is more effective to study alone or with a partner?

  5. Healthy sleep helps to study effectively, can you sleep well before an important exam or event?

  6. Is there any specific food that helps to study effectively?

  7. How do you memorize new information better, by reading, listening or any other way?

Learning Foreign Languages

  1. Is it hard for you to learn a new language?

  2. Do you think we need one universal language, that all people would learn in school?

  3. Do you think English is good chose to be the universal language?

  4. What is your mothers language? Is it tough to learn for foreigners?

  5. If you had a choice to have 3 foreign languages to be loaded in your brain, what languages and why would you choose?

Do you really know who you are?

Source: Mitch Manly
  1. Do you think you really know who you are?

  2. Do other people influence your decisions?

  3. Do we have to study ourselves, and how can we do that?

  4. Do you behave differently among friends and among people that you have met recently?

  5. Do you think "Like" buttons on social media give us any good, or should those be abolished?

Good Habits

  1. What do you think are 3 the most essential habits to have in order to success in career?

  2. What do you think 3 habits that are ruining people's way to success?

  3. Do you have a good sleep habit? Do you need an alarm to walk up on time?

  4. Do you exercise in the morning? Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the evening?

  5. Do you have a habit to stick with a plan/schedule etc.?

  6. Is it easy for you to acquire a new habit or get rid of an old one? What does it take?

Things That Motivate Us

Source: AsapSCIENCE
  1. What is motivation? Why do we need to be motivated?

  2. Can you succeed in a complex task being unmotivated?

  3. What are the things that motivate you the most in your personal development?

  4. How do you motivate your friends and loved ones?

  5. Are you motivated in the work you do for a living?

  6. What are the things a boss can do to motivate his employees?

  7. What are the things that reduce your motivation?

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